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Hair Hero Brush™

Hair Hero Brush™

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Are you tired of constantly cleaning your hair brush?

- Promotes cleanliness and increased hygiene by swiftly removing bacteria, left over hairproduct, and dead skin which harms the hair you spend so long taking care of!

- Save the hassle of constantly removing tangled hair after just a few uses, giving you more time to get ready and frizz free hair

- Smooth, soft and flexible bristles promote circulation in the scalp, leading to healthier skin, increased focus and a relaxing feeling while brushing



Shipping takes 5-10 days for the US/Canada and 7-14 days for anywhere else.

Free Returns

If you are unhappy with your hair hero, no problem! We offer free returns no questions asked.


This product is in high demand and is going viral on tiktok, supply is limited so get yours while you can!

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Say hello to a clean brush, all the time

Trapped hair, hair products, dead skin and harmful bacteria build up after just a few uses, harming the healthy hair you spend so long caring for!

Soft Tooth Comb

 The Hair Hero™ has soft and flexible bristles stimulating your scalp in order to improve blood circulation. All while keeping your hair healthy and frizz free.